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ATUG at a Glance:

Like most things in life - you get out of something what you put into it. It's the same with the fast-changing technology landscape - and how it applies to your association. That is why we have formed the Association Technology Users Group (ATUG). A group of association leaders in NJ have formed this group to share information on what is working...and what is not. To discuss new database solutions, integrating applications with our web sites. To discuss what tools and techniques we can apply to make our jobs easier. And to share problems and possible solutions with one another. Where else can you and your staff get such valuable, and strategically important information, for FREE?


ATUG Press Release:

April 2000, Association Technology Users Group seeks members for *resource network* As the workload on association staffs continues to increase along with pressures to hold the line on costs, associations are rapidly turning to technology to help satisfy those dual demands. A recently formed organization, the Association Technology Users Group (ATUG), is seeking members in New Jersey and surrounding states who want to help each other deal with the influx of association technology.

ATUG was formed to help associations easily share information with each other about technology and their experiences with it,* said Timothy Doherty, Director of Communications for the New Jersey Bankers Association, Princeton, N. J, one of the organization*s founders. *We invite anyone involved in association technology hardware and software solutions to join.* ATUG membership is free and open to association staff members and technology consultants who support the association industry through open-architecture hardware and software solutions. Prospective members should contact Doherty at 609-924-5550, ext. 542 or via e-mail at tdoherty@njbankers.com and provide their name, title, association or company, mailing address, phone and fax numbers and e-mail address. All membership communications are handled by e-mail.

We want those who join ATUG to know that they are not struggling with the association technology revolution alone, that we*re all here to help each other,* said Hesham Tamraz, president of Crescent Technologies of North Brunswick, N.J. and another of ATUG's founders.

The organization, whose motto is Making Associations Run Better, holds four-hour mid-day meetings every other month, with meeting locations rotating among individual members* offices. Every facet of hardware and software technology that benefits associations is within the scope of the group. *Association technology goes much deeper than web sites, Tamraz said, *and although the Web is an important tool for associations, our focus is mainly on the technology that organizations use day in and day out to serve their members. Of primary interest to the group are Microsoft Access-based association management database applications, which an American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) survey found were used by more than half the associations in the country. Effectively managing all of your association's data from one centralized database is vital to the success of todayss associations, and that's why Access-based association management software is the core concern of ATUG,* said Robert K. Asdal, Executive Director of the Hydraulic Institute, based in Parsippany, N.J. We are seeking other like minded association executives and those vendors who support Microsoft Access and related technology solutions in particular, said Asdal, who is the third founding member of the group. Plans for the organization include inviting industry experts and manufacturers* representatives to make presentations at meetings and establishing a list serve to facilitate member communications and idea sharing.

ATUG will help us all build our association technology resource network in the region, said Asdal. * Clearly, applying new technologies in a cost-effective way to running our not-for-profit businesses is critical to our success * and indeed survival.* # # #

Contact Information:

Robert Asdal - Hydraulic Insitute
Hesham Tamraz - Crescent Technologies, Inc.