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Crescent Technologies Group, LLC
2227 U.S. Highway 1, PMB 257
North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902
United States
Telephone (732) 322-2782
Client Support - support@cresctech.com

The Company

Crescent Technologies develops Web and database applications for organizations looking to deploy Web-based business solutions.

We provide custom application development from the ground up, and offer a powerful and customizable suite of desktop and Web-enabled software solutions designed to help companies and not-for-profit organizations improve efficiency and productivity by securely sharing their databases over the Web

What We Do
Great Reasons to Choose Crescent Technologies

What We Do

 We develop customized cost-effective, user-friendly Web applications.

 We offer expertise, on a consulting basis, to evaluate new application needs and recommend solutions. Upon acceptance of our recommendations, we are fully staffed to implement our recommendations on time and within budget.

We provide systems consulting services, to offer recommendations for custom-enhancing and performance-tuning existing applications, or for evolutionary hardware and software modifications.

We provide highly flexible, user-friendly Web-enabled association management software solutions to not-for-profit organizations.

Our server facilities feature secure, redundant, state-of-the-art hardware and software capabilities for reliable hosting of the software solutions we provide. Our hosting services assure better than 99% uptime.

Great Reasons to Choose Crescent Technologies

 Our custom Web and database applications use industry-standard development tools including Allaire Cold Fusion, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. Crescent Technologies solutions can be customized to interface seamlessly with solutions you already use, to maintain and increase your productivity.

 We provide top-notch, fast, responsive support. Don't take our word for it - ask our clients.

We deliver customizable software, enabling clients to add value to existing data by creating supplementary tables, forms, queries/views and reports.

Our clean, well-documented source code enables our designers to utilize proven software components in new projects, affording us a time and cost advantage. Why reinvent the wheel?

Our Web-enabled membership systems for non-profit organizations provide round-the-clock access, helping to improve membership services and increasing member satisfaction.

Our online event registration and management systems make it fast and easy to develop and maintain customized registration forms. Registrants gain the convenience of 24x7 registration access over the Web; you gain greater control, accuracy and flexibility for planning and managing single or multiple events.

Our Web-enabled supplier, products and services directories provide an easy-to-use, highly customizable and flexible solution for securely sharing up-to-the-minute data worldwide.

Our e-commerce solutions and shopping cart applications are simple and easy for users to navigate, yet they provide you with a range powerful of transaction and record-keeping options.

Our Web site and database hosting facilities assure you of maximum security and uptime. We also offer Web-based bulletin boards that enable your customers, employees, suppliers or other partners to stay in touch at their convenience, and provide you with a secure platform for publishing timely notices to designated recipients.