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Member Manager™ - Web Site Integration
Designed for 501 (C)(6) Professional and Trade Associations

Whether you're just beginning planning for Web-enabling your business...if you need to modify or enhance an existing solution...or if you're looking to build a highly customized online presence, Crescent Technologies delivers an efficient, cost-effective response. We will help you choose the most appropriate technology for your Intranet/Internet application needs, delivering a fully functional solution on time and on budget.

Online Catalog and Directory Solutions

Our powerful Web-based solutions help you provide up-to-the-minute information for customers, prospects, employees and business partners. Built with widely-supported applications such as Microsoft® Access, SQL Server and Macromedia™ ColdFusion®, our solutions let your staff easily synchronize your in-house maintained directories with your online database. From address and telephone listings to more advanced applications such as accessing up-to-date service bulletins or maintaining OSHA MSDS compliance, it’s online publishing that helps you build your business by maximizing the availability and accuracy of your information around the clock. More info...

Online Storefront Solutions

Get to market faster with a unique online storefront that
will be simple for your customers to navigate, with the “back-end” convenience and flexibility you need for managing inventory…changing promotions…checking up-to-the-minute sales data and much more. Our hardware provides the scalability and bandwidth for any size store or transaction volume. Add, delete or change product offerings any time. Develop the most effective product mix for your Web clientele. Deliver software products immediately via download after checkout with our built-in ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) functions. Our software handles all major credit cards, taxes, shipping, invoicing, automatic e-mail order confirmation
and connectivity to your suppliers and fulfillment houses. More info...

Online Event Registration Systems

With our EASY REGISTER™ system, you can create your own online event registration forms in as little as 15 minutes. No
technical knowledge needed. Using just a Web browser and Internet connection you can quickly build and customize your form with our online wizard utility to include event-specific information…even program logos and proprietary designs.
Registrants have 24x7 access, freeing your in-house personnel for other productive work. More info...

Online Members-only Access Solutions

Use our easy built-in tools to keep privileged member information available only to members.

Online Continuing Education Units (CEU) transcript access

Give members the convenience of instant access to their updated CEUs with CEUs online. Reduce or even eliminate staff time and resources spent on printing, postage and mailing CEU Statements. With CEUs ONLINE, members access their CEU credit statement on the Web at their convenience, anytime, anywhere 24x7.

Web-enabling your association

Whether you need a simple Web site or a dedicated server (or servers!), we work for you by working with you every step of the way. From establishing an Internet presence to maximizing availability and response time, we put your needs first. Look to us for extraordinary technology, housed in advanced facilities and managed with care so you can focus on your business, while we focus on keeping your Web presence at peak productivity.

Our project management experience, coupled with our QMP and technical expertise assure that development moves smoothly from start to finish. Plus, our unrelenting commitment to client satisfaction ensures continuity throughout all project phases.

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Why Choose Crescent Technologies

Only Crescent Technologies offers this unique combination of capabilities:

1.  Topnotch, fast, responsive support. Don't take our word for it - ask our clients.

2.  Corporate management that has worked in worlds of non-profits and associations, providing a firsthand understanding of client needs.

3.  Modern, reliable software technology, including world-class nonproprietary tools such as Macromedia™ ColdFusion®, Microsoft® Access and SQL Server.

4.  Customizable software, enabling clients to develop additional tables, forms, queries/view and reports.

5.  Clean, well-documented source code, enabling our designers to utilize proven software components in new projects, affording us a time and cost advantage. Why reinvent the wheel?

6.  A well-rounded, technically skilled organization that goes beyond association management software solutions to provide custom Web application development and Web hosting technologies. Crescent Technologies offers proven expertise and know-how to develop custom applications and internetworking solutions from the ground up, to meet the unique requirements and demands of our clients.

To learn more about Member Manager,
call (732) 322-2782 or e-mail us at