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Member Manager™ - QMP
Designed for 501 (C)(6) Professional and Trade Associations

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Crescent’s QMP consists of four major phases that ensure clients get the most effective solution possible:

Phase I: Strategic and Tactical Project Planning

An essential part of every project is to fully understand what the technology is required to accomplish. Crescent explores and delves into a business and technology solution by first analyzing and understanding the requirements of a project. During this phase we will collect, review, and analyze all of the assets available to us by the client and identify any drivers or restrainers that will have an impact on our approach.  Deliverables for this phase are included in the Needs Assessment and Requirement Documentation (Project Scope Kit) that informs the development process.  Over an approximate two to three week time frame, we will create the following project documentation:

ü       Project plan

ü       Final project schedule

ü       Contract & final fee estimates

Costs associated with this phase are billed upfront on a time and material basis.

Phase II: Prototyping

Prototyping is an ongoing process of reviewing, installing and testing Crescent's solutions on client's system prior to delivering a fully tested and debugged system. Prototyping allows client to test system updates throughout the project cycle and confirm if they satisfy client's requirements. The focus during Phase II is on design development.  Deliverables for this phase may include:

ü       Design studies. This includes logical and physical data modeling, database security architecture, data access design, and documentation.

ü       Design comps (look, feel, navigation, user interface).

ü       Database prototype (final creative direction) working model.

Phase III: Technical Development

During Phase III, production and engineering are underway.  We create a preliminary alpha product for our internal quality control that is then followed by development of a beta for client’s internal team review.  Initial round of application data conversion and/or migration is completed in client beta. Once we have received comments from your team, the content is frozen and final revisions are made to the database.

Phase IV: Testing, Delivery and Training

This phase is set aside for the logistics associated with serving the client’s application as well as testing and training. Each individual component of the client’s application is tested against the functional requirements document to assure its proper functionality. During this phase we make preparations for:

ü       Quality Assurance – QA testing ensures product performs and functions as envisioned by client.

ü       Performance Testing – Performance is concerned with how an application will handle user traffic during peak use periods. Careful attention to performance requirements, and then testing to ensure compliance to those performance requirements, ensures a Web site solution that is designed, deployed, and ready for success!

ü       Usability – Usability tests can often discover problems and issues that are not immediately apparent. Crescent uses "task-based" usability testing, where a sample of end-users is asked to complete predefined tasks: observations are then made of the user's method of achieving those tasks. Confusion points and mistakes are recorded and analyzed and corrective changes in the design are made.

ü       Training – At client site or outside training facility

To learn more about Member Manager,
call (732) 322-2782 or e-mail us at

Why Choose Crescent Technologies

Only Crescent Technologies offers this unique combination of capabilities:

1.  Topnotch, fast, responsive support. Don't take our word for it - ask our clients.

2.  Corporate management that has worked in worlds of non-profits and associations, providing a firsthand understanding of client needs.

3.  Modern, reliable software technology, including world-class nonproprietary tools such as Macromedia™ ColdFusion®, Microsoft® Access and SQL Server.

4.  Customizable software, enabling clients to develop additional tables, forms, queries/view and reports.

5.  Clean, well-documented source code, enabling our designers to utilize proven software components in new projects, affording us a time and cost advantage. Why reinvent the wheel?

6.  A well-rounded, technically skilled organization that goes beyond association management software solutions to provide custom Web application development and Web hosting technologies. Crescent Technologies offers proven expertise and know-how to develop custom applications and internetworking solutions from the ground up, to meet the unique requirements and demands of our clients.

To learn more about Member Manager,
call (732) 322-2782 or e-mail us at